ASUS ROG G750JM - Instant On

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Instant On

Save battery power while your Notebook PC is on deep sleep mode

(Deep S3) using Instant On.

NOTE: Deep S3 is a technology that lets you save more battery power

while your ASUS Notebook PC is on sleep mode.

IMPORTANT! The standby time varies according to your Notebook

PC's remaining battery capacity, computer model, configuration, and

operating conditions.

Performance mode

This mode is default-enabled in

your Notebook PC. It allows the

system to return to its last working

state in two seconds, even after

your Notebook PC has entered

into deep sleep mode.

Battery saving mode

This mode enables longer standby

times allowing the battery to last

for up to thirty (30) days or more.

When enabled, the Notebook PC

returns to its last working state

in as fast as seven seconds, four

hours after entering into deep

sleep mode.

Tap this to activate the

battery saving mode.

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Notebook PC E-Manual

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Chapter 5: