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Access emails, surf the Internet, and share applications via social

networking sites using your Notebook PC’s Wi-Fi connection.

IMPORTANT! The Airplane mode disables this feature. Ensure that

Airplane mode is turned off before enabling the Wi-Fi connection of

your Notebook PC.

Enabling Wi-Fi

Activate Wi-Fi in your Notebook PC using the following steps:

1. Launch the Charms bar.

2. Tap

and tap


3. Select an access point from the list of available Wi-Fi


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Notebook PC E-Manual


4. Tap Connect to start the network connection.

NOTE: You may be prompted to enter a security key to

activate the Wi-Fi connection.

5. If you want to enable sharing between your Notebook

PC and other wireless-enabled systems, tap Yes, turn

on sharing and connect to devices. Tap No, don't

turn on sharing or connect to devices if you do not

want to enable the sharing function.

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Notebook PC E-Manual