ASUS ROG G750JM - Bottom

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NOTE: The bottom side may vary in appearance depending on model.

WARNING! The bottom of the Notebook PC can get warm to hot

while in use or while charging the battery pack. When working on

your Notebook PC, do not place it on surfaces that can block the


IMPORTANT! Battery time varies by usage and by the specifications

for this Notebook PC. The battery pack cannot be disassembled.

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Battery pack

The battery pack is automatically charged when your Notebook

PC is connected to a power source. When charged, the battery

pack supplies power to your Notebook PC.

Spring battery lock

The spring battery lock automatically locks the battery pack in

place once it is inserted into the battery slot.

IMPORTANT! This lock should be held in an unlocked position

when removing the battery pack.

Air vents

The air vents allow cool air to enter and warm air to exit the

Notebook PC.

WARNING! Ensure that paper, books, clothing, cables, or other

objects do not block any of the air vents or else overheating

may occur.

Random-access memory module (RAM) compartment

The RAM compartment allows you to add RAM memory

modules to increase the memory capacity of your Notebook


Hard disk drive compartments

These compartments are reserved spaces for the hard disk

drives of your Notebook PC.


The subwoofer speaker produces low-pitched audio

frequencies for fuller and richer bass sounds suited for playing

PC games or watching movies on your Notebook PC.

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Notebook PC E-Manual

Headphone output and S/PDIF output combo jack port

This port allows you to connect your Notebook PC to amplified

speakers or headphones. You can also use this port to connect

your Notebook PC to Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format

(S/PDIF) compliant devices.

Microphone input jack port

The microphone input jack port is used to connect your

Notebook PC to an external microphone.

USB 3.0 port with USB Charger+

This USB 3.0 port with the icon comes with the USB Charger+

feature. USB Charger+ allows you to quick charge mobile

devices and can be used even while your Notebook PC is on

sleep, hibernate, or shutdown mode (on selected models).

USB 3.0 port

This Universal Serial Bus 3.0 (USB 3.0) port provides a transfer

rate of up to 5 Gbit/s and is backward compatible to USB 2.0.

Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt port (varies by model)

Use a Thunderbolt adapter to connect your Notebook PC to a

DisplayPort, VGA, DVI, or HDMI external display and experience

high-resolution display features via Intel® Thunderbolt™