ASUS ROG G750JM - Using your Notebook PC

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Using your Notebook PC

Do not place your Notebook PC on uneven or unstable

work surfaces.

Do not leave your Notebook PC on your lap or near any

part of your body to prevent discomfort or injury from

heat exposure.

This Notebook PC should only be used in environments

with ambient temperatures between 5°C (41°F) and 35°C


Refer to the rating label on the bottom of your Notebook

PC and ensure that your power adapter complies with

this rating.

Do not use damaged power cords, accessories, and other

peripherals with your Notebook PC.

While powered on, ensure that you do not carry or cover

your Notebook PC with any materials that can reduce air


You can send your Notebook PC through x-ray machines

(used on items placed on conveyor belts), but do not

expose them to magnetic detectors and wands.

Contact your airline provider to learn about related

inflight services that can be used and restrictions that

must be followed when using your Notebook PC in-


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Notebook PC E-Manual